Brick Siding

image 4Do you need a siding that gives your home a timeless, rustic look? Do you live in an area where fire is a concern and you need that extra level of protection?

As home siding material, brick provides an earthy natural look. In fire-prone areas, brick may be an excellent choice since they are fire resistant. Brick walls will not rot, fade or peel. They never require painting and help insulate the home.

Brick can give a rustic look to a home and can be beautiful for decades. Brick is usually installed as a veneer, not a part of the structure, and is water-permeable.

Brick siding is arguably the most durable home siding material on the market today. Superior to other siding materials in, not only durability, but strength, insulation and value too, brick siding is a bit more complicated to install and requires the services of professional brick siding installation technicians.

Benefits of Brick Siding:

  • Lasts the lifetime of the building
  • Is available in multiple color and sizes.
  • Extremely durable
  • Requires no maintenance other than the occasional hosing down with water

Brick siding is prized for many reasons including its durability, low maintenance requirements and its pleasing appearance. Made of fired clay, brick siding is available in a number of different sizes, textures and even color combinations. Brick siding is most commonly just that, siding, and not a structural part of the house. Brick is placed as a veneer, on the outside of a typical wood frame structure. It is held together with mortar (a mixture of cement or lime, sand and water) that hardens in place.

Under normal conditions brick siding will last the life of the building with nothing more than the occasional house cleaning service. The installers in our extensive network are pre-screened and highly skilled. They are licensed, insured and can provide verifiable references upon request.

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