Cedar Siding

image 4Do you want a siding that will make your home look like it belongs to the natural landscape?

Cedar siding installation can be a beautiful, long lasting choice for your home. Cedar is preserved by its own natural ingredients. It is aromatic and it has insulating properties that may not be found in other siding materials. Cedar siding does require maintenance. It can look beautiful and is resilient for years to come if you are diligent about painting and staining it every few years.

Even though cedar is a wood material, it is resistant towards insects and moisture. In addition, it is strongly resistant to decay, can handle significant amount of weight and has reasonable strength.

You can use it not just for exterior siding but even for interior paneling because of its attractive amber color and beautiful grain texture.

Benefits of Cedar Siding:

  • Natural oils – Acts as a preservative to resist insect attack and decay
  • Dimensionally stable – Lies flat and stays straight on the wall
  • Sound absorption – Excellent suppression of exterior noises
  • High insulation value

Another benefit to cedar siding is that it can be repaired easily, and individual sections of it can be replaced if necessary. We have experience in siding new homes and buildings. If you have existing siding, it is important to hire a company that knows the best way to remove it so that the new material goes over it without a problem.

Our background makes us uniquely qualified to accomplish this. We will have your home or building looking terrific. In addition to providing improved appearance with new cedar siding for your home, our company is a full-service home improvement company. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

If you decide to surround yourself with the natural offered by cedar siding, give us a call at (480) 435-9731 to make sure that you get the best quality siding installed by experts who will make sure that your siding brings you joy for years to come.